public rp venue

open every wednesday
8:00p - 11:00p est

malboro - the goblet
ward 11 - plot 58

fancy a cup

In the quiet corner of the goblet lies the busy bean; a lalafell owned and operated coffeehouse with warm ambient lighting and quiet atmosphere.

Tired of night clubs and loud taverns? Looking for a friendly and safe roleplay environment to meet new friends?

Come mingle away the late hours over a cup of delicious aromatic drip-brew coffee.

the menu

The busy bean offers a humble assortment of both warm and chilled beverages such as coffee, cappuccino, and espresso.

We also offer accompanying snacks such as coffee biscuits, fresh bread, and bagels.

out of character info

We ask the following from our patrons.

→ Please be respectful of others.
→ Disruptive behavior is not permitted.
→ Sexual content is not permitted.

→ All exchanges are in-character only.
→ No gil is required for menu items.

For other inquiries, please contact Meilolo Rhen in-game.

behind the scenes

While there are a number of other active roleplay spaces, very few cater specifically to lalafell.

This venue was created as an in-character social location for players to find fellow lalafell to interact with, and relax in a public-appropriate adult space.

Non-Lalafell players are also welcome, though the seating may be rather small.

public rp venue

open every wednesday
8:00p - 11:00p est

malboro - the goblet
ward 11 - plot 58

beverage menu

café thanalan

Prepared by diluting an espresso with hot water, giving it a similar strength to, but different flavor from traditionally brewed coffee.

long black

Similar to the Thanalan, but with a stronger aroma and taste. A long black is made by pouring a double-shot of either espresso or ristretto over hot water.

café latte

A hot coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk. It has a mild, slightly sweet flavor for those who prefer less bitter tastes - and topped with artistic flair.


A soothingly sweet coffee drink composed of a single espresso shot and hot milk, topped with foam. Cinnamon or chocolate powder can be added upon request.


More commonly known as a 'short black', this one-onze singlular shot of highly concentrated coffee is guaranteed to give you the all-night jitters.

iced coffee

Any choice of regularly brewed coffee on our menu served cold over ice - for a crisp and refreshing taste.

public rp venue

open every wednesday
8:00p - 11:00p est

malboro - the goblet
ward 11 - plot 58

snack menu

rolanberry biscotti

Almond and rolanberry biscuits twice-baked to sweet perfection. A dry, crunchy treat deliciously coupled with any brew.

lemon crumb muffin

A tangy, bakery-style lemon muffin topped with homemade streusel and glaze.

classic bagel

A busy bean classic. Crisp on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. Served toasted with choice of fresh cream cheese or orange jam.

pumpkin bread

Delightfully moist with a delicious pumpkin spice and cinnamon flavor. It uses almond flour as its base, giving it an ultra tender texture.

cheese croissant

A savory, flaky pastry roll baked in the shape of a crescent. Drizzled with warm melted cheese.

raisin oat bites

These no-bake granola bites are sweetened with butter, honey, oats, and raisins. An anytime energy boosting snack.